We have searched high and low for a groomer for our Morkies only to be disapointed. Thank Goodness for Laurie our search is over. Our Dogs Love Her And We Do Too. Exellent Groomer and You Will Never Find Anyone Better.
Thank You Laura! Steve Woods

I have been utilizing Laura's services for the past 4 years. I feel that she does a wonderful job for a reasonable fee. Laura's shop is always clean and organized. My gaint Pom receives lots of compliments after a visit to Canine Design.

Darcy Jones, Prairie Village, KS

We have been extremely pleased with Laura's grooming services at Canine Design. Her results are consistant and we are always back on our way with passerbys taking a second look at the foxy little guy. Sometimes we have to wait a day to get an appointment since Laura is understandably so popular - it's worth it. Her shop is clean and her prices are quite fair. We have tried other groomers out of seeming convenience twice over the years and will not do so again going forward. Once, she recognized a health issue that our seasoned veternarian had not picked up on and we were able to address it immediately.

Bill Hart, Kansas City, MO

I have been a customer for five years, since my Schnauzers ( Gracie and Leo) were pups. Laura does a great job everytime. I like her small shop and personal service.

Teresa Van Zant, Turner, KS

I've been taking my dogs to Laura for many years. Her experience and talent was obvious to me after comparing the work she does to all the other groomers I had tried in the past. I would highly recommend Canine Design.

​Grace Lamberton, Kansas City, KS

My small dog is a poodle mix. Her coat mats easily but she acted frightened after going to the groomer.
This groomer manages to send "Ginger" home to me clean, fluffed, smelling good, and most importantly, happy....perfect solution to a perfect pet.
Lisa Baumgardner, Mission, KS

​​Just want to say Laura is one of the best pet groomers in Johnson County Kansas. She is very caring and always does a wonderful job. If you're looking for someone to take care of grooming your pet, choose Laura!

Dan Taylor


I drive from Wyandotte Co to have "Spike" bathed and groomed. Laura does a wonderful job on him, and Spike seems to really like her.

Scott Downy, Kansas City, KS

Laura is taking care of our 2 standard poodles for several years!
We are always happy with their look and seems like pets are quite happy too!
Thank you Laura from all of us, especially from Charlie and Artemis! ;)
Svyatoslav Levin

I have been going to PetSmart in North Kansas City, MO off of Skyline road, they were always friendly and seem to love Nala. So I figured why not let them so her first grooming since she was turning 6months. I made it clear what all i wanted done and did not want done. Make a long story short they ruined my dog, they put a patch in the middle of her head and look like someone just cut her and had no clue what they were doing! It was just horrible, and on top of the the Manager of the Store and grooming Salon made no apologies and insisted I did it to her myself, mind you she had been there the whole day.

So I started looking for someone to fixed her, I called googled in my area and cam across Canine Design, I read reviews and looked at pictures. When I called and talk to Laura I knew she would be able to at least fix her. But when we picked her up I was so AMAZED!!! She looked as if nothing ever went wrong. Not only was Laura good at what she did she was a totally sweet heart. She is now my poodle normal groomer and I am looking forward to so many more hair cuts with her.
Thank you Laura again for taking care of my Nala :-)

LaToya Ellis Kansas City, MO

Dakota has been going to get prettied up at Laura's shop for a couple of years now and we are so happy to have found her. In the spring he gets a summer cut and he looks like a different dog and is so happy and handsome then he goes back every other month for a nice bath, nail trim, and a good brush out. The personal service is what we were looking for when we found Laura. Much better than the grooming done a warehouse type pet store.

Trey Kendall, Overland Park, KS

Cody, my rescue American Eskimo dog, has been visiting Laura monthly grooming for a year now, and we cannot be more pleased with her work and budget-friendly prices! We had a bad experience at one of KC’s well-known, “premiere” grooming salons; American Eskimo dogs are notoriously difficult to groom and Cody is no different. Upon arrival at Canine Design’s unpretentious building containing a jewel inside, Laura greeted us warmly and with many appropriate questions pertaining to experiences with past grooming and kenneling. Cody has never been kenneled, so he is allowed to play with other non-kenneled, appropriately-sized dogs in the pen. We were grateful for her thorough interview as Cody is an opinionated and talented escape artist, and we felt he would be kept very safe and happy at the neat and tidy Canine Design. Laura goes beyond the necessary grooming and her specialized, individualized care of the dogs shows her many years of experience. She knows all of the dogs by name and takes great care to see the dogs are safe and happy. Personalized treatment and conscientiousness puts owners at ease and Laura does a better job trimming Cody’s toenails than his vet does! Cody is always very excited to go with Laura and happily greets her each month at his monthly standing grooming appointment. When we pick Cody up, he is shockingly white, soft and fluffy, impeccably groomed and is pleased with life in general. Laura is always conscientious about being on time, yet takes time to talk with owners. We cannot recommend Laura and Canine Design enough! Laura has exceeded all of our human hopes and expectations and Cody has found a friend for life!
​Theresa Ruperd

This was my first experience with Laura at Canine Design with my two seven month old Havanese puppies. I was very concerned that they not be trimmed too short and therefore not resemble the breed that they are. Laura was very understanding and just as particular about making sure she provided just what I wanted. We just returned home with them and I couldn't be more pleased. Laura did a wonderful job and even told me she made notes on what she did for each of my dogs so that she has a record and can make any changes I might want in the future. No changes necessary--they are perfect. 

Steve Schneider, Prairie Village, KS

I love Canine Design but more importantly, my dog seems to like it as well. Laura, the owner goes above and beyond. She truly seems to care about her clients(the 4 legged-ones). On more than one occassion, she provided me with great resources to check regarding health concerns I was having with my pet which ultimately allowed me to make informed decisions. Laura is a true compassionate professional who always delivers what she promises. I love the fact that she has a separate play area for the animals where they can interact with others and a big window where they can watch what's going on outside. I really think this makes for a less stressful appointment. I have followed her from another location and while it is a longer drive for me, I think she provides great value. Keep up the good work!

Celia Huneycutt, Leawood, KS